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Generosity Foundation - DataCamp Application

Your Chance to Become a Data Professional!


Applications are open. Please apply using the link above. (Note that you have to apply using the link above even if you have completed the pre-registration earlier)


• Get your free access to DataCamp and build core competencies for in-demand skills with exclusive content co-created with the world’s most innovative tech companies and taught by industry leaders.

• Have opportunity to be mentored by seasoned data professionals.

• Learn the data skills you need online and at your own pace—from non-coding essentials to data science and machine learning.


• Choose the data career path you want.


• It is free, but your dedication is required!

You will receive the guidance of mentors who achieved the career you want.


Learn better with support along the way. Our mentors come from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies and have demonstrated leadership and expertise in their professions.


Free access to the DataCamp platform! We learn best by doing.


DataCamp's proven learning methodology offers a hands-on learning experience. Our learn-by-doing approach incorporates projects based on real-world scenarios.


Best of all, no installation or downloads are required—all learning and interactive exercises run in your browser. That means you can grow your skills through hands-on exercises anytime, anywhere.


For more information on DataCamp, please visit:


Several options to launch your career and master a specific skill!


There are several career track options for you, including but not limited to Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Programmer, and Data Engineer!

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