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Baris Avialan Education and Integration Achievement Awards

The Generosity Foundation Foundation will present the Baris Avialan Education and Integration Achievement Awards for the year 2022 to cover the children of the members of Turkish Armed Forces who had to immigrate to the USA as a result of the oppression they were exposed in Turkey, and the children of these families studying in the USA.


The areas to be awarded are:

  1. Academic Publication Success

  2. Public Affairs

  3. Education & Training In One or More Disciplines

  4. Successful College Student

The selection will be made among the candidates proposed to Generosity Foundation and an Election Committee will be formed within the Foundation to evaluate the candidates.

The nomination period will begin on December 10, 2022 and will end at midnight on December 19, 2022.

Each person can recommend up to 3 candidates in each field. While recommending the candidates, the name of the candidate, the field for which he was offered and the reason should be written clearly.

The reasons can be written as follows.

Within the scope of Education, Training and Integration, below is the main criteria:

  • A book that the candidate wrote,

  • Academic research,

  • Academic and financial support provided to students studying at universities or colleges,

  • Training, courses, etc. activities provided in the fields of job search,

  • Mentoring provided to students by the candidates,

  • The most successful student.

In addition to individuals, companies, foundation educational institutions, etc., established by people within the scope of the award, are also candidates for the award. 


The Award Selection Committee will announce the three candidates who received the most votes in each field, as well as one employee or institution among them, on the platforms where the announcement was made on 24 December 2022.

As an award, a Foundation Certificate will be given with the emblem of the Generosity Foundation and signed by the board of trustees. In addition, gift cards worth  of $300, $250, and $200 will be given to the three students who receive the most votes in the Successful College Student area, respectively.

Details of the planned activity will be published on the foundation's website. The award recipients and institutions will be approved by the Board, but the names of the award winners will not be announced to the public.

In this context, we kindly ask you to send names of your candidates along with a short explanation to the address below until 24 December 2022.


Generosity Foundation

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